The Will of Thomas Denbow Apr. 3, 1826.

In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Denbow, of Harford Co. in The State of Maryland.

First and principally, I commit my soul into the hands of Almighty God and my body to the earth.

*Item: I give and bequeath to my two sons, Basil Denbow & John Denbow, all that part and parcel of land I purchased in Harrison Co. in the state of Ohio.

*'Item: I give and bequeath to my two daughters, Sarah Jackson & Cassandra Thompson, fifty dollars each.

*Item: Daughter, Ann Denbow, her choice of beds and bedding, choice of my cows, also sixty dollars to be paid out of estate.

*Item: Daughter, Martha Toland, wife of Benjamin Toland, fifty dollars, with what I have already given her.

*Item: My four sons, Levi Denbow, Thomas Denbow, Gabriel Denbow and Martin Denbow, all my real estate in Harford Co., part of sundry wasts [?], composing the farm on which I now reside. Any balance to be equally divided between my children, shear and shear alike.

Benjamin Toland, sole executor
Benj. S. Amos
Joesph Renshaw

Thomas X (his mark) Denbow

Will produced in Harford Co., Sct. (Surry Court) 13th. of June 1826