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Mary Heaton1

F, #2241, d. March 1804

Family: William Sharp (b. 8 July 1757, d. March 1804)

DaughterElizabeth Sharp
SonJohn Sharp+
DaughterSusanna Sharp
SonWilliam Sharp


Mary Heaton witnessed the birth of Elizabeth Sharp. Mary Heaton witnessed the birth of John Sharp. She witnessed the birth of Susanna Sharp. Mary Heaton witnessed the birth of William Sharp. She and William Sharp were married.1 She died in March 1804.1
Mary Heaton was also known as Mary Sharp.1
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Edith M. Heckart

F, #2248, b. 1883, d. 1954

Family: Adam Monroe Sherer (b. 24 August 1874, d. 1940)

SonFrederick M. Sherer+ (b. 7 February 1907)
SonRalph M. Sherer+ (b. 12 May 1908)
SonLuther George Sherer+ (b. 24 July 1911)
DaughterThelma Elizabeth Sherer+ (b. 15 February 1913)
SonPaul H. Sherer+ (b. July 1914)
SonDonald C. Sherer+ (b. 1915)


Edith M. Heckart was born in 1883. She witnessed the birth of Frederick M. Sherer on 7 February 1907. She witnessed the birth of Ralph M. Sherer on 12 May 1908. She witnessed the birth of Luther George Sherer on 24 July 1911. She witnessed the birth of Thelma Elizabeth Sherer on 15 February 1913. Edith M. Heckart witnessed the birth of Paul H. Sherer in July 1914. She witnessed the birth of Donald C. Sherer in 1915. She and Adam Monroe Sherer were married on 29 November 1903. She died in 1954, at age ~71.
Edith M. Heckart was also known as Edith M. Sherer.
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Grace E. Heddleston1

F, #2249, b. 12 December 1917, d. 23 January 1991

Family: Howard Harrington (b. July 1907, d. 24 June 1979)

DaughterLaurel Lynn Harrington (b. 1940)


Grace E. Heddleston was born on 12 December 1917 in New Matamoras, Washington, Ohio, USA.1 She witnessed the birth of Laurel Lynn Harrington in 1940.1 Grace E. Heddleston and Howard Harrington were married in 1937. She died on 23 January 1991, at age 73, in Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA.1
Grace E. Heddleston was also known as Grace E. Harrington.
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