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North American Denbows, Ohio Denbow Clan, and progeny of Jón Jónsson (1841-1934)

Focus of the site

This site is focused broadly on all descendants of John Denboe, an indentured servant who came to the Crown Colony of Maryland in about the year 1664. Also, it maintains a special emphasis on the descendants of John Denbow (1797-1862) and his brother Bazeleel (1795-1857), early pioneers in the hills of Southeastern Ohio, as well as the descendants of Jón Jónsson (1841-1934) of Dalasýsla, Iceland, who was an Icelandic immigrant to Canada and now has progeny throughout North America.
John served in Co. K of the 78th Ohio Volunteer Infantry with five of his sons. He died in a military hospital in Paducah, Ky.
Mathias Blum, g2grandfather of wife of Carl Jón Denbow, owner of this site. Mathias served in Co. F of the 185th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.
Cora Ann Denbow (married name Egger). Cora was my great-aunt. She was a very delightful lady and lived in our house in Athens, Ohio, for the last years of her life. She was married to Solomon Egger, a school teacher and farmer.
Ingibjörg Augustine Jónsdóttir (left), my grandmother (Amma), and her sisters: Sigriður Jónsdóttir (center) and Helga Jónsdóttir (right). In the United States Amma used the married name of Bjornson.
Ben and Elizabeth Scott. Elizabeth (b. 1827) was a Denbow by birth, and a daughter of War of 1812 veteran Bazeleel Denbow (1795-1857).
William Denbow (Uncle Billy) with daughters. He was a Civil War soldier, who fought in Company K of the 78th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry from early in the war through Bentonville, N.C., the last major battle of the war, and then on to the Grand Review in Washington, D.C.